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For a more detailed description of the classes you can check out our 2012 USLMRA Official Rule Book

KS (Kids Stock): 6 1/2 horse power, rotary engine, 15:1 gear ratio, 5 mph max speed. For kids 6-10 years old.

Stock: Just that, remove the blades, drive it out of the shed and bring it to the track. 3650 rpm max. (Low or No Budget)

JP Class: Class for kids ages 10-15. IMOW rules apply.

IMOW (International Mowers Of Weeds): Same rpm, limited chassis mods, 8:1 overall gearing. A faster “Stock” class. Engines up to 15 hp. (Low Budget) Front engine; highly regulated.

Prepared Class: Full-bodied mowers with allowed modifications and engine size rules. Engines can be modified.

AP: 8 1/2 hp limit, usually older mowers that come with engines under 8 1/2 hp.

SP: 12 hp flat head engine limit. More common in late model lawn mowers.

CP: Over 12 hp OHV single cylinder.

BP: Up to 20 hp block v-twin cylinder engines. This class sounds like a pack of Harley’s. The v-twins can be built to over 40 hp with aftermarket engine parts. They have lots of power but are big, heavy and a handful to drive. Fast and loud.

FX (Factory Experimental): Engines limited to a single cylinder up to 465cc (12-14 hp). Must be a mower engine. Lots of modifications allowed. Tran-drive train open. This class, while restricted power-wise, is usually light and fast. It can have a kart clutch or torque converter drive systems. Major modifications allowed.

  1. Randy says:

    Hi. I came to your July 14, 2012 race. I’m a little confused on the classes. For adults there seemed to be three. Stock, IMOW, and ? Also is there a rule book for your club that gives more specific information on modifications? Thank you. We had a great time at the race.

    • Roger says:

      Hello Randy! There are many classes for adults, two of them are only for kids (KS and JP). At the July race we only had mowers ready in a few of the classes (Stock, IMOW, and AP) but if you are ready to get a mower in one of the other categories (SP or CP) bring it on over. We would love to have you! I placed a link at the top of the Local Class Descriptions Page and I’ll put one here as well for a look at our 2012 USLMRA Official Rule Book. Glad you enjoyed our races!

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